More than 50 years of experience in aluminium injected parts.

RUFFINI, S.A. was founded in 1964 in order to meet the growing market need in high pressure die-castings of aluminium.

Our headquarters are located in Barcelona. We are an independent aluminium foundry and focus on development, production and sale of high quality cast metal parts, mainly to the automotive sector.

We ensure our customers the best technical and productive capacity as well as a professional staff in all our processes. The entire plant is committed to the standards required in the market.


We adapt to any kind of request

Our facilities have a total floor area of 22,000 m2 and we count with a machine park with closing forces ranging from 500 to 2,500 tonnes. For each tonnage we have a minimum of 2 machines in order to guarantee the production in case of breakdown.

The company’s total production capacity is about 10,000 tonnes per year.

We also offer the possibility of manufacturing the mould in our main offices at ICMA and the machining of the pieces into finished part at ALUMEC.


Our furnaces have a melting capacity of 12,000 tonnes of aluminium per year and we count with all necessary technical means (spectrometer, degassing through impeller device) to guarantee the quality of the molten aluminium.


Solutions to our customers’ needs

We will be proud of visiting our customers’ facilities to offer support during the development of the product. Therefore we can work more cost-efficient and improve the final quality of the product.

Our staff can communicate in English, German and French



We are committed to quality excellence

Our quality department have all leading technological means to guarantee durable products and efficient processes: • X-Ray equipment to control porosity, • Spectrometer to control chemical composition, • 3D machines used for dimensional control, etc.

Immediate professional service is backed up by our employees in many languages: English, German and French.

Thanks to these technical and human resources, RUFFINI, S.A. ensures high-quality standards and applies zero-defect strategies through continuous improvement efficient processes which are currently required. To fulfil current requirements on that matter we are registered to ISO/TS16949 certification (international quality standard).


Our main objectives are commitment to standards and establishment of procedures based on pollution prevention and continuous improvement. We are encouraged to preserve the environment for future generations, to achieve this goal; we carry out all procedures according to ISO 14001 (international environmental rules)
Our philosophy is to develop any industrial project in the least harmful way to the atmosphere, minimizing noise and pollutants emissions.
We have our own water-purification plant and we are open to new guidelines about material recycling, waste minimization and usage of the most green-friendly products.

Besides we also encourage our suppliers to become more environmentally friendly.


Our most renowned clients are: ZF group, Mahle-Behr, Nissan, VW y Scheidt&Bachmann consortium.


Avda. Bizet, 2 - Polig. Ind. Can Jardí -
Aptdo. Correos 62 - 08191 Rubí (Barcelona) España.
Teléfono (34) 93 586 01 25 - Telefax (34) 93 586 01 79